Do you raise your own meat or are you just tired of the grocery store quailty? Then Bring your meat to us.

For custom curing & smoking, you must bring us the meat, either store bought or wildgame.  We weigh your meat when you bring it in to us, before it is smoked.  We will then tell you what your total cost will be, and when the meat will be ready for you to pick up.  The price is based on the weight of your meat; it is a per pound cost.  We have Professional
smokehouses, so it is a real WOOD smoke.

***PLEASE allow us approximately 7 to 10 days on average for the curing, smoking, & cool down process.

All of our herbs and spices are stored in a temperature controlled spice room to guarantee peak flavor. The herbs and spices are blended by hand before marrying with the meat We never use organ meats or meat by-products in any of our sausage, all meat is hand trimed before making our sausage